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Monitoring Data Usage on CradlePoint Devices

CradlePoint IBR600, CBA750B, and MBR1400 series devices can be configured to monitor monthly data usage (other unlisted CradlePoint models also support this feature). Each device can be configured with individual data usage limits, and can optionally disable the cellular interface in the event of an overage. Alerts can also be generated that can be viewed (or emailed) by using Enterprise Cloud Manager, CradlePoint’s cloud management service. These instructions are assuming firmware version 4.4.2 (the current firmware version as of this writing). Please note that the steps may be different for any other firmware version.

Accessing CradlePoint Administration Pages

You will want to make sure that the modem is powered on and on the network. Plug your computer in directly to an available LAN port on the modem with an Ethernet cable. Then, go to the following URL by default:

Alternatively, if you want to connect to your modem remotely, you need to know the IP address and remote administration port set on the CradlePoint. If you have a static IP address, or know the IP address of your modem, you can use that address instead of the address listed above. The default CradlePoint management ports are 8080 for HTTP and 8443 for HTTPS. Please note, remote administration is not enabled by default on CradlePoint devices, so you may need to connect directly to the device first in order to enable this feature.

You should be greeted with the following screen. Enter your password and click “Log In”. Note that the default password can be found on the underside of the device. If USAT provisioned your device for you, you should have a provisioning sheet that includes the device password.

Setting up Data Usage Monitoring

Once you have successfully logged in to the CradlePoint administration page, take these steps to enable data usage monitoring.

1. Click on the “Internet” tab, and select “Data Usage” from the menu that appears. This will lead to the following screen:


2. Check the box next to “Enable Data Usage:”.

3. Read, and then accept the agreement that comes up by selecting “Yes”.

4. Click on “Add” in the section under “Template configuration”.

5. Specify a Template Name in the resulting dialog.

6. Generally you will want to select “All Modems” next to “WAN type”.

7. Specify the usage limit in megabytes.

8. Cycle Type should be set to Monthly.

9. The Cycle Start Date should be set to the first day of your billing cycle. For Express M2M customers, this date is the 11th.

10. Click on “Submit”.

Data usage monitoring is now enabled. The screen will be updated after a small delay, and you can view your current data usage any time by logging in to the administration page and returning to this screen.