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Monitoring Data Usage on Sierra Wireless Devices

Monitoring Data Usage on Sierra Wireless LS300/GX400/GX440 Devices and SMS Alerts

Sierra Wireless GX400/GX440/LS300 devices can be configured to monitor monthly data usage. These devices can also be configured to send text message alerts based on the data usage. Each device can be configured with individual data usage limits and set to send a customized text message alert to a phone number based on a percentage of the data usage between 80% and 110%. Please note that normal text messaging rates will apply when these alerts are sent. Also, current alerts will be resent any time the devices are power cycled. These instructions are assuming ALEOS version 4.3.3. The steps may be different for any other version of ALEOS.


As a prerequisite, the Firefox web browser works best for administrating Sierra Wireless devices. If you do not have Firefox installed on your computer, you can download it from the following link:


Please note you need to have the administrative rights to install software on your computer in order to install Firefox.

Accessing Ace Manager

You will want to make sure that the modem is powered on and on the network. Plug your computer in directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable, and go to the following URL:

Alternatively, if you want to connect to your modem remotely, you need to know the IP address. If you have a static IP address, or know the IP address of your modem, you can use that address instead of the address listed above.

You should be greeted with the following screen. Enter your username and password and click “Log In”.

ace manager

Setting up Data Usage Monitoring

Once you have logged in correctly to Ace Manager, you can take the following steps to enable data usage monitoring. See the screenshot included below for an example.

1. Select the Applications tab.

2. Set “Usage Monitoring” to “Enabled”.

3. The unit of measure for the data usage can then be set to MB or KB (megabytes or kilobytes). Typically, you would want to use MB, for megabytes.

4. Click on the “+” next to “Monthly Limit”, and verify the Monthly Limit Units as well (megabytes or gigabytes). Specify the data cap in the “Monthly Limit” field using the correct units, and specify the starting billing date in the “Start of Billing Cycle” field. For example, users with a 3 Gigabyte plan will want to set the units to MB and the monthly limit to 3000. Please be sure to set the monthly limit to the correct value for your account on each device that you have.

5. For the “Start of Billing Cycle”, you would typically set it to 11 (or the appropriate day of the month that represents the beginning of the billing cycle).

Once you have set the correct values as described above, click on “Apply” in the upper right corner of the page. Click on “OK” on the following dialog, and then click on “Reboot” (also in the upper right corner of the page) and “OK” to apply the changes and reboot the device (please note that the rebooting process may take up to 4.5 minutes). Data usage monitoring is now enabled on your device.

ace manager

Checking Data Usage

In order to check the data usage on your device, please log in to the Ace Manager Web interface again.

1. Select the “Applications” tab.

2. Click on the “+” next to the Monthly Limit field.

3. Note the number next to “Current Monthly Usage”. This represents your current approximate data usage in megabytes.

Data Usage Alerts

In order to receive text message notifications about your data usage, an action and an event must also be set up in Ace Manager.

1.Log into the Ace Manager Web interface if you have not already.

2.Select the “Events Reporting” tab (a screenshot of this is included below).

3.Under “Actions” on the left side, click on “Add New”. You can specify the action name to be anything you would like – “SMS Data Alert” is a good example.

4.Choose the “Action Type” to be “SMS”, and specify the phone number and SMS message you would like to send. The phone number does not need to include dots, dashes or parenthesis. For example, “5551234567” would represent a correctly formatted phone number. A good example message you could set would be “Monthly Data Limit reached”. Click on “Apply”, and then “OK”.

The next step is to set up an Event to use this action.

1.Under “Events”, click on “Add New”.

2.Specify an event name such as “Data cap reached”.

3.Select the event type as “Monthly Data Usage”.

4.Set the “Event Operator” to “When above threshold”.

5.The “Value to Compare” should be set to the desired percentage (typically 80% is a good value). This is when you will receive an alert as a percentage of the limit you have set.

6.Below “Value to Compare”, you should see “Action Description” and a checkbox next to the action that you created. Check this checkbox to assign this action to this event.

Once you are sure about the values you have set, click on “Apply” and “OK”. You will need to reboot the device for the settings to take effect. Click on “Reboot” in the upper right hand corner of the window, and “OK” on the resulting dialog. Once the unit has completed rebooting (which may take up to 4.5 minutes), you should now receive SMS data usage alerts. The example cited here will generate the text message alert when you have reached approximately 80% of your specified monthly data limit.

ace manager